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"Shtreiml, en guise de fierté identitaire, mais aussi d'affirmation transculturelle. Et quelle musique ! Mordante autant que délicate, portée par le klezmer et les racines juives de l'Europe de l'Est autant que par la Turquie, avec ces pulsions rock, funk, jazz qui déménagent ou ces inflexions bluesy et ces airs de valse qui font respirer."
Yves Bernard. Le Devoir. March 29, 2014

"Shtreiml's appeal somehow manages to ascend beyond the sheer skill of its members. The group’s music serves as an unexpectedly delicious and euphonious blend of genres."
Max Libman.The Main. April 4, 2014

"The music played by the Montreal-based collective can more succinctly be described as Turkish blues. The interplay between Ismail Fencioglu, an oud virtuoso from Istanbul, and harmonica player Jason Rosenblatt, wasn't far removed from the partnership of the legendary Chicago blues duo of Buddy Guy and Junior Wells...the band played innovative party music."
Timothy Finn. The Kansas City Star. February 23, 2014

"From start to finish, Eastern Hora draws on countless influences, changing gears frequently but with great purpose. This is innovative instrumental music which refuses to be pigeonholed by simple categorization, from a band that continues to impress."
Alex Brown. Review of "Eastern Hora." Rootsworld. January 28, 2014

"The Flecktones is a touchstone here again and again, similar tonalities, approach and a high level of musicianship abound. This is an intriguing, inspiring work in many ways."
David Malachowski. Review of "Fenci's Blues." The Daily Freeman. November 20, 2009

"From the band's opening klezmer funk riffs, right into the first tradeoff leads Rosenblatt and the band burned the house down bouncing back and forth between traditional klezmer and some new prog-rock influenced jam band fusion"
Ari Davidow. Klezmershack. December 8, 2007

"Shtreiml came on an jet-propelled us into a paralel universe with an exotic mix of Turkish folk music and klezmer tunes. Theirs is truly a wild repertoire. "
The Halifax Chronicle Herald. August 11, 2006

"Rosenblatt and the band forge their own path into new musical ground...Infused with spirit of playful inventiveness, Spicy Paprikash is an album that continues to offer something new to the listener on each exploration."
Philly Markowitz. Rootsworld. May 2005

"Some of the best world music to come out of Montreal."
Ici. July 2004

"Shtreiml might just be the first klezmer act to really crack the jam-band scene. 8.5/10"
Rupert Bottenberg. Montreal Mirror. May 6-12, 2004

"Shtreiml just gets better. For an outstanding band, that is no small feat. This Montreal-based klezmer band mixed Yiddish song with new and old klezmer instrumentals on "Spicy Paprikash" in a way that makes everything feel fresh and wonderful. "
Ari Davidow. Klezmershack. April 12, 2004

"Shtreiml's sophomore effort is a deliciously seasoned stew that combines blues/rock arrangements of klezmer standards with newly composed music that hearkens back to traditional styles."
Elliot Simon. All About Jazz. February, 2004

T'Cha Dunlevy. Montreal Gazette. Thursday August 15, 2002

"There's no disputing that Jason Rosenblatt is a gifted musician. He cites the likes of Sonny Terry, Howard Levy and John Popper as his harmonica "teachers," and he certainly does them proud."
John Bobey. Dirty Linen #105 April/May 2003

"Sometimes my ears need to be shaken up. This CD is just such a shake-up. It's a marvelous breath of fresh air and rhythm. I hope that it is merely the first in a long line of CDs by Rosenblatt and the talented Shtreiml."
Ari Davidow. Klezmershack. May 24, 2003

"Rosenblatt succeeds, through techniques described as "note bending, overblowing and overdrawing," in making the harmonica a klezmer instrument."
Mark Slutsky. Montreal Mirror. August 15, 2002

"From the first frantic pulses of the Statman composition "Parah Adumah" to the hyper-uptempo "Bulgar Popular", this quartet brings its animated approach to a familiar genre. In the process, these young,energetic Montrealers have reinvigorated klezmer music."
Jack Falk KBOO 90.7FM Portland, Oregon

"The new CD Harmonica Galitzianer by Levy pupil and burgeoning Canadian harmonica wizard, Jason Rosenblatt, extends the simple diatonic even further into the world of klezmer and klez-jazz. This is no mere novelty record. The playing is focused and reflects the band's commitment to their music."
Elliot Simon. All About Jazz. Oct. 12. 2002

"Both Jason's various harmonicas and Josh's accordion sound perfect together as the unique frontline of this inspired quartet. Jason's harmonica or blues-harp add an earthy, blues drenched vibe to these often ancient melodies. Jason's blues-harp playing has a very vocal quality to it, like a baby crying, this adds a dimension of ancient sadness that thousands of years of persecution can often provide."
Downtown Music Gallery. New York, NY. December 2002

"His playing still bears some of the mellow melodiousness of Sonny Terry, but the unmistakable influences of Paul Butterfield, John Popper and Howard Levy are evident as well. "
George Robinson. The Jewish Week. August 8, 2003